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Twitter users in Japan mock ISIS...and it's hilarious

rxamkmvfvmzvxjgrprmtAt the time of this writing, Islamic Terrorists ISIS is currently holding two Japanese hostages demanding that Japan pay 200 million dollars and they will release them. It's a very serious situation in which once again ISIS is using social media as a tool to threaten, scare and intimidate. Well the Japanese people are fighting back with social media and Photoshopped pictures. Users are tweeting pictures with the hashtag #ISISクソコラグランプリ (meaning "ISIS Crappy Photoshop Grand Prix") putting Islamic State terrorists in odd positions or photoshopping the Japanese hostages out of pictures, replacing them with anime or popular fantasy characters.

And it looks like they are getting under the skin of some ISIS groups as they have tweeted back some of these images


Not to make light of a serious situation where to people may lose their life, but for the Japanese people's resolve to fight back against oppression, we're putting this in the win category. Here's a few more that we find just to good not to share: