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What are the stages of Social Media Crises and which one of these stages is your business currently in? 

Stages of a Social Media Crisis




 I No Current Threats  There are no current threats or potential threats online or offline.  This is the best time to create a Social Media Crisis Plan.
 II Because of the nature of your business you are in, you are in a constant state of alert  Because of the industry you're in, it's inevitable that a crisis will happen.  Example: You're in the railroad industry.  The chances that a train derailment in the future is a certainty.  Not having a Social Media Crisis plan is not an option.
 III A minor Social Media Crisis is happening right now  You had a few negative comments which is a little out of the ordinary.  No need to sound the alarm just yet because it might be an isolated incident.  With proper training and planning you will be able to contain the crisis before it becomes a larger issue.
 IV Imminent Social Media Crisis  A Social Media Crisis is within days, hours or even minutes from happening.  Maybe you're alerted of the imminent crisis because a reporter called you to get your side of the story for the 6 o'clock news.  The good news is this now gives you time to alert your team and prepare.  If this is you right now then call us right away 1-844-403-2899 or after hours at 587-968-4846.
 V A major Social Media Crisis is happening right now  You are in the midst of a Social Media Crisis right now.  This has the potential to cost you millions and severely damage your reputation.  You need to implement your plan fast because one hour during a crisis is a lifetime.  Every minute you don't act is a minute your story is being told by someone else.  The conversation is going to happen with or without you so it's better that you're a part of it.  Call us right away at 1-844-403-2899 or after hours at 587-968-4846 and put our team to work for you.


Don't leave your hard-earned reputation in the hands of someone inexperienced, or emotionally involved in your business like you, the business owner.  We use some of the same techniques as the US Airforce.

If you are currently experiencing an online crisis right now, please call 1.844.403.2899.

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