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Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO.  When internet users turn to search engines for answers and you sell the solution, you want them to find you. When a business publishes high quality content, internet users develop trust for that business’ brand. This improves brand awareness through social media sharing and increases conversion rates.

The benefits of content marketing

#ViralInNature is an award winning social media agency in Calgary, Alberta.

We strongly encourage that most businesses include an advertising budget in there social media program to boost their Facebook and Twitter as they offer effective programs to gain reach and engagement.  But I had a client the other day asking me about using some of the unofficial ways to boost their social media platforms.  This article is about the unofficial ways you can purchase YouTube views, Re-Tweets and Followers and what are the pros and cons to this.

One of the ways to be a pioneer in the world of social media is to question everything, and we do.  We don't take others word on what works and what doesn't, we actually do it so we can form our own opinion.  So for the purpose of researching this article we thought we’d give it a try.  There are many sites on the internet that offer this but we found YTView.  They have services for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, Vine, Soundcloud, Pinterest and G+.  Warning, if you want to experiment with this do not do it with Facebook.  This could have long term negative effects to your Facebook EdgeRank.

Price: For 5,000 followers with YTView is $5 USD, from Twitter around $2,000-10,000.  YTView wins big on this one.
Quality: Despite claims on YTViews site that these are quality followers, they are not.  We had no one interacting with us.  With Twitter Ads you can target quality followers based on geography, interests and many other categories.  Twitter knocks this one out of the park.
Other: Organically you can follow targeted followers and there’s a chance they may follow you back and interact with you.  One problem, however, is Twitter has a limit to how many people you can follow depending on how many followers you have.  Under 1,820 followers and your limit is 2,000 but after that you can follow up to 10% more so for example if you have 5,000 followers you can follow 5,500 people.  If your budget doesn’t allow to spend $5,000 on Twitter ads the YTView might be an option.

Price: 5,000 retweets with YTView is $5 USD, from Twitter it would cost around $100-$1000 on Twitter for this many retweets.  YTView wins on price.
Quality: YTView followers do not have many people following them so you would not get that much extra exposure.  Twitter Ads with the correct targeting will get you quality retweets and exposure.  Twitter wins on this one.
Other: With this many retweets in a short period of time you may end up trending on Twitter.  One problem is the trending will most likely end up in the country it is being retweeted from.  Most of these farms would probably be somewhere like Asia instead of your country.

Just don’t even attempt this.  We don’t have any Facebook pages we want to sacrifice in trying this, but here’s what will happen; Facebook is the one platform that works on an EdgeRank.  EdgeRank is a calculation for Facebook to determine how important your posts are.  If a gets lots of interaction then it thinks your posts are pretty good and will show that post and future ones to more people.  If you purchase likes through YTView or other like farms then your interaction from these followers will be very small and will affect all future posts.  When it comes to Facebook, just use the Facebook Ad Manager and you will see great results.

Price: For 5,000 followers the cost on YTView is $25 USD, Instagram currently only offers ads to US residents.  It’s only a matter of time until it’s released worldwide so until then we can’t offer a comparison.  So YTView wins by default.
Quality: It is not likely that you would have many YTView followers interact with you.
Other: If you’ve got a few thousand followers it might make others want to because you might have something interesting to share.  This really is a selling point of YTViews and official platforms.

Price: 5,000 photo likes on YTView is $100, not available on Instagram.
Quality: Not really sure what advantage this would give you if you had 5,000 like your photo.  
Other: Maybe some will think it’s a popular photo with that many likes, but if they see how many likes your photo has then they are also viewing your photo.  If you try this, just make sure it’s one really good photo.

Price: 1,000 comments on YTView is $145 USD, Instagram N/A
Quality: I didn’t try this but it makes you wonder what the heck would they be commenting?  1,000 comments of “Nice Photo” or smileys really makes no sense?

You may not know this, but YouTube is actually big business…and I don’t mean for YouTube.  There are YouTubers that actually make a living off the ad revenue.  Some even film crews for daily video blogs.  They are always looking for ways to increase their followers because it’s those followers that click on the ads and it’s the ads they get a share of the revenue of.
Price: 50,000 views through YTView $100 USD, through YouTube around $10,000 targeted.
Quality: YTView quality will be really low.  Not sure how they do this but it may be some unmanned computer watching a list of videos on loop.  YouTube offers targeted views to quality followers.  YouTube wins on this one.
Other: Who hasn’t wasted hours in front of YouTube browsing funny or interesting videos?  If you have the choice of watching a video with 100 views or one with 50,000 views, which are you more likely to watch?  My guess is you will choose the one with 50,000 views because if that many people viewed it, it must be good.
Warning: There has been some stories of YouTubers who have purchased 50,000+ YTView and had their account suspended. (I’m sure YouTube doesn’t like having their bandwidth being eaten by an unmanned computer)

There are other platforms we won’t get into.
Conclusion from all this testing?  Depending on your goals, there may be some value in using sites like YTView in certain situations, but in most cases the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to value.


All about the origins of the #Hashtag.  It got hardly any play up until around 50 years ago, now you see it everywhere.  Even in business names #ViralInNature.

Origin of the Hashtag


Social Media Management agency for the Oil and Gas Industry in Calgary, Alberta.If you're a hotel and not already active on social media, this is a missed opportunity. You’re probably asking yourself, “Where’s the ROI in being on social media?”. Like just about every business, you’re in business to make money. Here’s how:

  1. Social Devoted brands get more questions - A recent survey by Social Bakers discovered a socially devoted brand gets 312 questions compared to a non-socially devoted brand with 14 questions.
  2. Being a part of the conversation – Even if that conversation is negative, it’s better that you are a part of it and know what’s being said about you. This may include fixing the facts and educating those who are misinformed.
  3. Customer Service - A recent survey says 82% of customers go to Facebook for questions and customer service.
  4. Recruiting – If you are highlighting your progress on interesting projects and technologies, you’ll start to attract the talent that wants to work on the projects that will advance their career. This is also a great way to promote the job openings you do have available.
  5. Pride/Moral – You and your employees are proud of the work you’ve done and by showcasing it, it brings pride into the workplace knowing your team has done something to be proud of.
  6. Event participation – Next time you’re at a conference, take note of what the audience is doing. It’s likely most are on their smart phone, laptop or tablet while the speaker is on and participating in the conversation using something like a Twitter hashtag.
  7. Branding – This is how people perceive your business and their experience with your business. This experience can often be shaped more by what you stand for such as your vision and values, than solely by the services or products you provide. Social Media allows you to offer the tone of voice you want people to see you as such as positive, upbeat, charitable or environmental champion.
  8. Value – Unlike other advertising mediums such as TV, radio and newspapers, after you gain a follower there is a very high percentage that you will still retain that follower a few years from now allowing you to still speak your message at no additional cost. Social Media advertising also allows you to target based on certain demographics more than any other medium.
  9. Communication to your shareholders – You can be more than just a name on a piece of paper to your shareholders and stockholders. Are you announcing a big project or higher than expected returns? Getting that message out to the right people can send your stock prices soaring.
  10. Sales - Someone somewhere said a while back that social media is a bad place for selling, well actually social media is the perfect place for selling.  Social media is about relationships and people are more likely to buy off someone they know.  At Viral In Nature the content we strive to put out for you is to educate, entertain and a call to action.

Viral In Nature Inc. is an award winning Social Media, Reputation Management and Web Development Agency located in Calgary, Alberta. Give us a call at 1.844.403.BUZZ.

Social media is now more important than ever when it comes to SEO.  Both Google and Bing have confirmed that social media signals are being taken into account when it coms to ranking pages and content, meaning there's never been a better time to look at SMM.

Viral In Nature Inc. is an award winning Social Media and Reputation Management Agency in Calgary, Alberta. We offer award winning social media, reputation management and web development.

The title is somewhat deceiving in this info graphic by TrackMaven because there really is no cookie cutter post that works for every Facebook page.  You just need to find that out for yourself by experimenting on your page.  But there's definitely some great tips in here worth trying.

The Nuts and Bolts of a Perfect Facebook Post – An infographic by the team at TrackMaven

Viral In Nature Inc. is an award winning Social Media and Reputation Management Agency in Calgary, Alberta. We offer award winning social media, reputation management and web development.