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Who are the people you need on a Social Media Crisis Management Team, what are their roles, and how do you build/execute around the team?

We will put together your dream team social media crisis team.  This will vary depending on your company and industry:

Social Media Manager - This person will likely be the first to identify a crisis. It’s important for this person to recognize the crisis stage and potential as well as be empowered to act on it.

Backup social Media Manager - If you’re business only has one social media manager, make sure you have a backup that can assist because in a Stage 5 crisis, you’ll want to monitor 24 hours.

Communications Manager/Director - Your Communications Manager needs constant updates and should be crafting a statement or press release. there also needs to be one voice and face. They may also be fielding calls from journalists looking to report the story. If the journalists don’t get the story from you then they will report the story that is being told on social media.

Lawyer - Time to use that retainer. You may want your company lawyer to approve any press releases ahead of time but if it’s a Friday night you can’t wait until Monday, he needs to review and turn it around in less than an hour.

Man on the Ground - If you industry is similar to a ski resort, then you’ll need someone such as an operations manager to give live updates and verify what you’re seeing on social media. CEO/Owner - Keep the owner updated but at a distance and out of war room.

President - Keep the president updated but out of the war room. Just like the president, the VP should trust in the plan developed and training for your crisis communications team.

Crisis Communications Specialist - Just like the owner, your team takes pride in what they do. Emotions can run high and an attack on their place of work can also feel like an attack on them. An independent crisis communications specialist can ensure no rash decisions are being made.

The rest of your staff - Don’t leave them in the dark. They are probably getting a lot of questions from the public as well, let them know exactly what is being said on social media because they are going to see it anyway, your press release and public statement reassure them that you team is working hard to resolve the situation.

Don't leave your hard-earned reputation in the hands of someone inexperienced, or emotionally involved in your business like you, the business owner.  We use some of the same techniques as the US Airforce.

If you are currently experiencing an online crisis right now, please call 1.844.403.2899.


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