Nirmala Naidoo, Former Global TV News Anchor | Viral In Nature Social Media Agency

Nirmala Naidoo, Former Global TV News Anchor

YouTube Former Primetime News Anchor, Global TV and CBC Television.

I'm Nirmala Naidoo, your (2015) Federal Candidate for Rocky Ridge and while I'm running in the election I'm also working at Symons Valley Ranch Farmers' Market in charge of Media and Communications.  You probably know that I do have a media background, I've been a journalist overseas and all over the country.  I want to talk to you about Shawn Alain and Viral In Nature.  I've been working very closely with Shawn, Shawn's been working with the market for the last two years and he does an incredible job of promoting this property.  The success he has is because he really understands social media and he really understands being hands on with the public.  He's amazing at getting events promoted online, he's amazing at promoting our business and I recommend to you Shawn Alain and his company Viral In Nature.

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