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We share our clients' commitment to the environment.

Environmental Stewardship

And believe in the importance of caring for our planet working with and encouraging others to do the same. As people living in the world, it is simply the right thing to do, we've also found that it's a great way to save money, which also makes it good business sense.

Here's some of the practices we've implemented:

  1. Printing less Stuff. We are almost paperless. Our invoicing is sent by email, we've also opted to have our utility and other bills sent by email. We've also gone digital with our contracts through Digisigner.
  2. Pulling the plug. We practice energy conservation techniques.
  3. We buy local. If we have the option, we purchase locally.
  4. We Recycle.
  5. We have a preference of doing business with other green companies.
  6. We've gotten rid of as much paper junk mail as we can.
  7. We recycle and resell electronics and furniture.
  8. Our office furniture and equipment is used! All of our Office desks, chairs and furniture we've got from places such as Kijiji. Not only does this reduce our footprint, but it's saved us a lot of money.

Being green is in our nature...Viral In Nature