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Employee vs contractor for your social media management

Why it makes sense to hire a Social Media Management Agency.Here's why you should hire Viral In Nature vs an employee to manage your social media.

  • Labour Cost- Hiring an employee will cost you, for an experienced and skilled Social Media Specialist, between $60,000 - $90,000/year + EI + CPP + Benefits. Contracting Shawn Alain, Viral In Nature Social Media Management and Crisis Communication Firm, will cost you far less.
  • Set up costs- With an employee you'll need to set them up with space, laptop, camera(s), company smart phone, expensive software such as the Adobe Creative Suite and other social media tools. Viral In Nature is full equipped to manage your social media right from the start.
  • Experience- Hiring an employee may not give you the level of skill and experience your business needs right from the start. This will cost you time and money. Shawn Alain is an award winning Social Media Specialist who is highly trained and experienced. With Shawn you'll have your social media program off and running right from the start.
  • Labour Resources- There's a lot of extra labour involved with hiring an employee. There's the Human Resources Department, Payroll Department, IT Department and a Manager or Supervisor to manage that employee. With Viral In Nature we would have our initial consultation to establish your goals and layout a strategy as well as content gathering/product knowledge days. You'd receive regular progress reports of measurable goals.