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Kryptonite locks, once deemed the “toughest lock in bike security”, was discovered that it can be easily picked in seconds with a ball point pen.

Several viral videos appeared then blogs, local newspapers and even the New York Times yet no response from the company.


  1. It's better to be a part of the conversation than to ignore it.
  2. Listen to your customers and respond right away. A response as little as 24 hours later can in many cases be too late. If someone posts something like this on your Facebook page at 10pm on a Saturday night, have a response by Sunday 9am.


  • If it's an isolated incident then take the conversation offline by asking them to call or email you. If it's a Facebook post you can then hide the post so it's only visible to the Facebook admin and the follower who made the post.
  • Have prepared statements and tactics for social media crisis scenarios and empower your Social Media Manager to deploy those tactics when needed.
  • If it's a question your Social Media Manager can't answer right then and there, you reply acknowledging you hear them and will find out and get back to them.
  • For an issue as damaging as this is to your product, your Executive Team must drop everything they are doing, even if it's at 10pm on a Saturday night, and work through the night for an approved response and solution to deliver by Sunday at 9am.
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