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Calgary's EggsOasis Social Media Crisis

EggsOasis in Calgary Social Media CrisisEggsOasis, a restaurant in Calgary, is experiencing a crisis communication.

As the story goes, the owner of EggsOasis hired a lady named Kathryn Dart with Down Syndrome through the Progressive Alternative Society of Calgary (PASC). She was supposed to work as a dishwasher with the help of an assistant but Dart preferred to work at the front of the restaurant instead of the back. When things didn't work out so well working in the front, the owner asked Dart's assistant if she could assist her in the front, but she refused.

Now here's where the stories differ. The owners says he offered Dart a position at a different, less busy location but two teenagers, and her Mother say she was fired. The teenagers took to Facebook and in short time had over 6000 shares of a post saying to boycott EggsOasis.


EggsOasis response was to agree to be interviewed by the Calgary Sun for an article as well as create a post on their Facebook page (below).



Calgary Social Media CrisisYou'll notice one comment in there by Dart's Mother refuting the claims of EggsOasis.

What EggsOasis did wrong:

  • According to their Facebook post, they may have had a delayed response (not sure of the date of the actual incident)
  • EggsOasis may or may not be telling us all the facts. It's important to be brutally honest in these situations.

What they did right:

  • They responded and addressed the crisis head on by agreeing to an interview in a Sun article as well as a Facebook posting with comments that allow for a discussion to happen. The conversation is going to happen with or without you so it's better that you are a part of that conversation rather than letting someone else tell the story for you. This is a tactic that so many businesses are afraid to do in these instances.

There is no doubt that any Mother would be protective of their Daughter and get angry when she's hurt by someone else, there's also the possibility that EggsOasis has fudged the facts to favour their position. As a business owner, it doesn't matter who's right or wrong, what matters is who's right or wrong in the court of public opinion. Initially public opinion was bad but it looks like that has now changed to have some supporters for EggsOasis. I believe they may have had professional help in managing this crisis. And even though I'm sure they lost some business through this bad situation, it is for their response and openness that I'm putting this in the social media win category.


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