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Why is planning so important to crisis response and building a plan? 

The most common response to a crisis by a company that doesn’t have a plan in place is an emotional response or crisis paralysis where there is no response at all. You need a crisis communication plan before a crisis happens, not when it happens or it could cost your company money and reputation.
When a crisis happens you need to be prepared to respond right away because waiting 24 hours might as well be a lifetime. Emotions can run high and if you don’t have a plan in place then you will act on emotion, not rational thinking. You need to be able to respond within minutes even if that response is something like “Yes, we realize something has happened” even if you have zero answers. Every minute you don’t respond is a minute spent by others telling your story. If you have a plan in place with you and your communication team are trained and prepared then you are able to respond quickly.

How we build your Social Media Crisis Response Plan

  • Make a list of things that could go wrong
  • Set up Social Media listening tools
  • Establish your Social Media Crisis Team
  • Prepare approved statements
  • Create a step by step Crisis Communication document
  • Training and running drills

Don't leave your hard-earned reputation in the hands of someone inexperienced, or emotionally involved in your business like you, the business owner. 

If you are currently experiencing an online crisis right now, please call 1.844.403.2899.

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